How Working from Home Changed My Life

It became all about my work…

I no longer have to worry about whether I am wearing the right outfit for a meeting. Most days I live in ahtleisure, which is a great thing because I am comfortable and not spending any time or energy worrying about what I’m wearing.

I no longer have to worry about whether or not people are judging me by my age. I’m a petite woman and the list of times I’ve been questioned about my age in a professional setting is too long to put here. And I haven’t been asked that once since I began working remotely. When I speak authoritatively and knowledgeably, no one cares how old I am.

In a perfect world, this is all that would ever matter, but if you’ve worked any job for more than 5 minutes, you know the other stuff matters more than it should.

It motivated me to get my work done…

Knowing that I can go to the gym, or walk the dog, or just sit on my couch as soon as I finish my work is, by far, the single biggest motivator to GET. SHIT. DONE. And because I am not  in an office with coworkers and bosses looking over my shoulder, I feel completely comfortable sneaking in last night’s episode of the Bachelor at 4pm if I have finished my work for the day.

It taught me to be more flexible…

Doing a job, talking to customers, meeting with coworkers when you’re not together in an office is a unique challenge and it often requires additional tools and effort to really be effective. You learn quickly to be more flexible when you’re sitting on the floor of your closet because it’s the only quiet space while the refrigerator is being repaired.

Flexibility has been a wonderful addition professionally but has repaid me tenfold in my personal life. I’ve been able to travel with my husband, working and living across time zones, countries, continents.

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