Mt_QuandryOne thing that Denver locals and transplants can agree on: Colorado is SO beautiful! My husband and I relocated to Denver from Boston for the skiing and fresh air. We loved it so much that we bought a house and a Jeep and are setting up camp here for a while.

My day job as part of the leadership team of a small SaaS startup company keeps me busy right now. Like most jobs, it has its ups and downs, but it gives me the flexibility to live and travel where I want and has pushed me to grow my skills in every area of business.

Healthful living is something that has always been hovering just under the surface of commitment for me. Since I recently learned that I have Celiac Disease, it’s moved front and center. Contrary to questions of most friends and acquaintances, I am actually excited about the diagnosis! Finally, an answer to why I’ve felt crappy for years and a true path back to heath.